Windows 10 settings

Blocks many unwanted things

If your machine is very slow, it may be due to the high processor and hard disk usage
Press Ctrl, Alt and Del simultaneously, click on task management and more details if necessary.
Then you see the usagepercentages.
If that is nearly 100% then you can do something about it
How to fix the high CPU and Disk usage

Finding and restoring restore points with a bootable USB stick or DVD 
That is not so easy yet

Windows 1803 New bug detected: 

Chrome and Office freeze
Fix  maybe with 8 may update
Windows 10 April Update freezes computers

Try the Windows keyboard shortcut WINKEY + CTRL + SHIFT + B, which wakes the screen. 
If you´re on a tablet, you can press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously three times, and do so within 2 seconds.

If you´re using a laptop, close and open the laptop lid.

Upgrade problems to a higher version
SSD disk is recognised as flash drive

Error 0xc00.......

Troubleshooter fix update/upgrade

Other problems and solutions
Laptop keyboard. Strange behavior FN key with Windows 10

How To Enable / Disable Numlock at Windows 10 Startup  

Secure the default printer permanentlyard printer

More colours than just BSOD

Measures against ransomware cyber attacks

Upgrade from Home to Professional

Preventing an upgrade to a new version (only for Pro)

Safe Mode back in W10

Problems with Windows 10 
Machine does not start up, black screen and other problems

And how to solve it?

In case of a clean installation or an upgrade, you will need to activate the safe mode option (F8 function)
In addition, your system recovery must be reactivated (disabled by default). 

Activate Safe mode in Windows 10

Safe mode is always a very convenient feature in Windows. 
If your PC is structurally jammed, it often succeeds in starting up in safe mode and solving the problem that causes the failure. 
Unfortunately, the F8 boot menu in which safe mode can be activated is disabled by default in Windows 10. The F8 key will then no longer function at all.
Should that not be the case: 
The solution to activate safe mode again via F8, also in Windows 10!
Type CMD in the search window and then click on that black CMD icon with your right mouse button at the top of the menu.
Execute as administrator
This opens a black box with the system32 rule.

Type: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy


When the message: The operation is finished appears, you can use F8 again at startup to enter safe mode.